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Happy Mother’s Day

My mother delivered me into this world sometime on December 7th, 1960 (yes, I am a Pearl Harbor Day baby) and, Nancy, or Mabel as I like to call her, has been with me…if not physically then spiritually, ever since, teaching me when to laugh and when to cry and how to be a better man. She is lovely in every possibly way and I miss her very much — all the time.

My mother loves, among other things, watching football and golf, strolling on the beach, going out to dinner, playing bridge with friends, and she’s a champion when it comes to laughing. I love to hear my mother laugh; it assures me that she is happy. My mother hates yelling, argueing, vanity, false conceit, the New England Patriots and Tiger Woods when they lose and rainy days.

My mother recently lost the love of her life, her “longtime companion” Al Lottero, and her strength and fortitude in the wake of that has been and will always be a source of inspiration and courage for me.

I could never in ten lifetimes repay her for what she has suffered through and taught me along the way. Her knowledge and wisdom is as indespensible as the sun and her eyes shine just as brightly.

I love my mother with all my heart and I always will, so I dedicate this song to you, Mom, because I know you enjoy it. I want to publicly wish you a happy Mother’s Day along with all the joy that you deserve.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Love you,



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