What’s On Your Bucket List?

I got a message from a friend this morning. It said nobody lives forever. Who knew?

Seriously, I know it’s an old film, but I finally got around to seeing the film, “The Bucket List,” recently. Turns out it’s a pretty good flick. Some cool acting by two of the greats, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was also kind of fun to see them playing off each other. Kind of the “Grumpy Old Men,” for the new Millennium. I enjoyed it.

But, of course, the film made me think about what I should put on my bucket list. What are the essential things that I’d like to do before I…you know, kick the bucket, buy the farm, pass into the next world, meet St. Peter, etc.

So here’s a little list that comes off the top of my head on this July afternoon. I hope it will encourage you to write your own list and, if it’s not too private, leave it in the comment field below.

John’s Bucket List

1. Go to Ireland. In fact, I’d like to go to England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. And Hawaii too. I know a woman named Janet who would definitely go back to Hawaii with me.

2. Para-sail. I’m not even exactly sure what the heck it is. I think it’s when you hang onto sort of a parachute and they drag you with a boat. It always looks like a blast.

3. Skate on the ice at the new Boston Garden. Even though it’s not the same ice that Bobby Orr played hockey on, it’s close enough.

4. Attend the Olympics, the Super Bowl and Wimbledon. And probably another few major sporting events.

5. Swim with the dolphins. That always has sounded very cool. Not the sharks though. I’ve been in the water with enough of those.

6. See the Himalayas. I’m not saying I necessarily want to climb them, I just want to see them. They looked so majestic in that film.

7. Have a drink with Bruce Springsteen. I’ll buy the drinks.

8. See the beaches of Normandy, France. Probably the site of one of the greatest historic achievements in recent U.S history. And I’d like to walk through the graves at the top of those hills also.

9. Read “War and Peace.” Some say it’s a pretty good novel.

10. Bring joy and happiness into my own and my friend’s and family members lives. Because life is very, very short brothers and sisters. We need to learn to love each other.

That’s pretty much it. Oh, I’m sure I’ll think of a number of other things. But that’s the beauty of Bucket Lists. So what’s on your bucket list? Even if it’s only a couple of things, please share them with me?


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13 responses to “What’s On Your Bucket List?

  1. My bucket list contains Spain, Springsteen & Travelling…

    (Not specifically in this order):
    – Swim with the dolphins (believe it or not)
    – See all 17 provinces (‘Comunidades Autónomas’) of Spain (seen only three so far: Castilla y León, Catalunya & Andalucía)
    – Speak Spanish fluent
    – Live in Spain
    – Hear The Rising live, front to cover
    – See Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band perform in New Jersey (and hear Jersey Girl!)
    – Experience a unannounced guest appearance of Bruce Springsteen in The Stone Pony
    – Go to New York City
    – Go to San Francisco
    – Visit Auschwitz

    • Matt

      I started thinking about my bucket list a few years back. One of the things on it I actually did this year. I am not a big horse racing fan but I always wanted to attend the Kentucky Derby and this year we went. I made sure my wife had appropriate Kentucky Derby Attire with hat as did I, less the hat. We drank some mint juleps, met some wonderful folks and went to some great local restaurants recommended by the owners of the B and B we stayed at for the weekend. It was an awesome experience.

      Here are some of my other bucket-list to do’s:

      Go to the Indianapolis 500.

      See Bruce and the boys in Italy.

      Go to the winter Olympics in Russia in 2014.

      Take a tour of wine country in California.

      Take a tour through Poland. (tie that in with the 2014 Winter Olympics?)

      Buy a house on the water/ beach.

      Go to Hawaii.

      Mediterranian Cruise.

      And I know the list will continue…

    • Seems like we have an awful lot in common. And it also seems like many of these are quite doable. Great list.!!!

    • Wonderful list, Maria. And you can add to it, come back and visit your friends John and Janet in the States. That would be another good one.

      • Of course I could add that John, but this is a list of things that have not yet happened.
        I have already visited you. I want to and will do it again, but it can’t be on my list (otherwise my list would also contain eat chocolate and drink coffee daily and so on… 😉 )

  2. Liz

    Run a 5K
    Learn to waterski
    Take my son to Disneyworld
    Get my nose pierced
    Visit NYC again
    Visit Asbury Park again
    White water rafting
    Cross country amtrak trip
    Go to Hawaii
    and I’ll join you and Bruce for drinks…I dont care who buys!!

  3. Ron


    Loved your bucket list and especially #5.

    Swim with the dolphins. That always has sounded very cool. Not the sharks though. I’ve been in the water with enough of those.

    Speaking of sharks, I’ll bite.

    My bucket list..

    1. Travel some more
    2. And, some other travel.
    3. Um, I’d like to travel again.
    4. And, again.
    5. Anywhere.
    6. But, Malden.
    7. Or Medford.
    8. Perhaps, uh, Pawtucket.
    9. But, not Woonsocket.
    10. Woonsocket..kinda rhymes with, um, bucket.

    • As does Pawtucket and suck it.

      So basically you’re telling us you want to travel. Well why the heck don’t you come up to Detroit and we’ll go to a Tigers game before the summer is over. Cassie, Luke, Peppina…..where are ya?

      Great list Ron. You’re a great guy and funny friend. You make me laugh often.

  4. Tonya

    I have been giving this a little thought after the last few weeks. I guess that a brush with the very real possiblity of death does that to a person. Anyhoo, here goes. . .

    I wanna meet Bruce Springsteen and tell him thanks for everything. Those of you that have gotten through some hard times with the help of his music know what I am talking about and no explanation is necessary.

    I wanna go back to college and get a degree.

    I wanna travel. . . back to Italy and Ireland.

    I wanna see my beloved Astros WIN a World Series.

    I wanna run an animal shelter and find forever homes for critters.

    I wanna live a simple and happy life.

    I wanna make my friends and family happy. I want them all to know how much I love and care about them all.

    I guess that that is about it. I am pretty simple really. I have never asked for too much. So, why start now? 🙂

    • Wow.

      I am truly touched by this list. It’s about as joyous and full of life and love as any Bucket List I’ve ever seen.

      By the way, you can already cross one thing off. The part about making your friends and family happy. You’ve already done that one.


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