Back To The Blog

Well, friends and amigos, it’s time to get back to the blog; back to trying to record in words the world I see as I make my way and back to sharing with you (my readers) the things that make this journey so full of bliss.

It’s been several months so I won’t attempt to fill in the blanks.  Rather, it is my intention to pick up beginning this evening with some thoughts about what life is like NOW.  Along with that I’ll probably tell you about a few of the films I’ve seen, books I’ve read, friends I’ve met, hills I’ve climbed and challenges that lie ahead.  My aim is to inspire you to search out your own experience and find your own bliss, and then share that with your readers and friends.  I wish to become a link in that never-ending chain of life and love and experience.  My desire is to more consistently provide you with some glimpses of the road I travel and the people I meet.  The road is long and the people are always friendly and fascinating and I hope that if I can muster the discipline and you keep coming back then we will both revel in godliness of the details and the lights of the city up on ahead.

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